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Title: A single night, a single rose
Author: wondrlandchic15
Rating:PG, just for sadness
Prompt: Color event
Notes: I did this during graduation practice, so I can't say that I was really focused for it all. Still, it caught some kind of mood.
Feedback: Rocks.

The color of the evening had been scarlet. From the flush in her cheeks to the flowing evening gown, she was glowing a warm red as she nervously opened the door.

He took her breath away. Dressed in a dignified dark tuxedo, he had just an accent of crimson from a crisply folded handkerchief peeking from his pocket. In his hand had been a single scarlet rose.

She reflected fondly on the evening's events, gazing out the window while she picked up the rose, now in a crystal vase on the sill. She stroked the velvety petals, admiring the cherry color it reflected in the sun. Sadly, serenely, she gently placed the blooming bud back where it had been. The night of scarlet fantasies was gone-- just as surely as the severed rose's life would soon be.
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On May 24th, 2006 01:18 pm (UTC), thefragyle commented:
I use a RED icon for this. ^_^
Aw, pretty. Except the ending seems so much too sad for the beginning! I'd think there needs to be just a couple more sentences of transitions from where she sees him to where she's looking at the rose later. But I like all the different reds--scarlet, crimson, cherry, etc.
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