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Cave Man Play!!!!

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Woot! Okay, so I know we're working on the cave man play together, so I put the outline of its events for my creative writing class on this board. I figured we could do a Charlie Brown format (and add other random funny scenes in there) or we could try and add onto the plot here. Regardless, this is all I'm going to put in classroom assignment script. We still need a title for this play.

I know we can add scenes and characters to our own play, but I had a few questions for the characters we have so far:

1. I have made Athal (short for "a neanderthal; isn't it cute? lol) have a crush on Smelly Pewga. I was thinking about making Smelly Pewga have a crush on Lucas in turn for the classroom piece(don't we adore love triangles?). First of all, should I make her very very blatantly like him or kind of subtly like him? And, do you like the idea? Do you want to make Smelly Pewga like Lucas in our piece?

2. Thog is a loudmouth. (Oh dammit, I forgot to write Thog's reaction to the wheel. Um. Help. Make him say the wheel is stupid?) Should there be any other character quirks about him?

Outline of Events

(evening) Cave men are sitting around on logs. Grop comes out and shows his new rock. Thog groans and says something rude. Cave woman is making food. Athal enters (new guy) and threatens the fight out of the other defensive cave dwellers. Narghj sleeps through most of it, but awakens at Thog’s retorted remark that makes Athal angry. He sleepily tries to talk them out of fighting, but then Smelly Pewga comes out of the cave, asking Lucas for help with the fire. Athal immediately pants after her, but she rudely refuses him, going back into the cave with Lucas (for help).

Angry, Athal enters the cave, Lucas runs out, and a huge commotion is heard. Athal runs out of the cave, followed by Smelly Pewga, carrying a huge bone to hit him with. She stays at the entrance of the cave, obviously pissed, when Athal runs to join the other men. “Don’t worry,” Narghj consoles. “Nobody makes Smelly Pewga happy.” Smelly Pewga frowns, then looks over to Lucas for a reaction. She gets none. Thog interjects that Athal shouldn’t worry about making her a mate anyway, since she’s a lousy cook. Angry, Smelly Pewga goes and hits him on the head with her bone.

(morning) Smelly Pewga brings the men their breakfast. They frown rather glumly after the first bite, though Lucas tries harder than the others to hide the disgust. Thog makes a comment on the food, and Smelly Pewga challenges him to catch and cook the food himself. Not to be outdone, Athal rises up to the challenge as well. Looking for an excuse to go, Grop claims he wants to look for rocks. Lucas looks at Narghj, they shrug and continue eating.

(at the field) Smelly Pewga points up a tall pterodactyl tree. She prompts the men to either kill the pterodactyl herself or steal the babies. The men climb the tree, and only seconds after they disappear, Grop comes back, holding a rather large pterodactyl egg. “I found a new type of rock,” he grins as she rolls her eyes.

Out of breath, Athal and Thog come running back. At first, Athal seems terrified out of his wits, but upon looking at Smelly Pewga, he tries to act like it was Thog who was scared all along. Rolling her eyes, Pewga suggests they return to the cave to cook Grop’s egg. Grop, still believing the egg is a rock, makes a comment on her cooking.

(cave) Smelly Pewga is cooking the egg when they notice Lucas is gone. They ask Narghj if he’s seen them and he mumbles something sleepily. The cave people begin calling for Lucas and go off to look for him (except Narghj, who has gone back to sleep). Lucas returns with a WHEEL, obviously excited, and when he finds Narghj, he proceeds to wake him up and tell him about his new ideas for transportation. Narghj takes one look at the wheel, takes it from Lucas and shoves it under his head for a pillow. Angry, Lucas takes it away and stamps off.

(field) When Lucas reaches the field, he finds Grop searching for a new “tasty rock” to eat from the pterodactyl tree. Still trying to find somebody to be excited for his invention with him, Lucas shows him the wheel. At first Grop is excited, thinking it is a gift from Lucas to add to his rock collection. When Lucas explains that it’s not for Grop’s rock collection, Grop asks if the wheel is edible. After Lucas says that it isn’t, Grop loses interest and goes to climb the tree, ignoring Lucas.

Frustrated, Lucas returns to the cave, where he finds Smelly Pewga coming back from looking for him, also annoyed because Athal is still following her around. Lucas comes up to her and tries to explain the wheel to her. (Because she likes him) She acts excited for him (while Athal rolls his eyes and acts bored/annoyed), and Lucas is happy someone is listening to him. But after he starts explaining his idea for his wheel, Athal starts trying to put the moves on Smelly Pewga, annoying her to the point that she finally grabs the wheel from Lucas and hits Athal on the head with it. In turn, Athal gets so annoyed that she used Lucas’ wheel to do this that he hurls Lucas’ wheel across the field, where it continues to roll off…Lucas begins chasing it, cursing them all for not understanding.

*chasing scene of Lucas after the wheel*

(one week later) Grop, Narghj, Athal and Smelly Pewga are all sitting outside the cave. Athal has managed to catch the supper and Grop cooked it, though there isn’t really that much to eat. Smelly Pewga makes the comment that Lucas hasn’t shown up for a week when suddenly he drives by on a bicycle and continues past their campsite. After he leaves, all the cave people look at each other, surprised. Smelly Pewga gets up and chases after Lucas, begging him to come back and professing her undying love and admiration for him. In return, Athal chases after her, begging her to come back and be his mate. Grop and Narghj look at each other, shrug, then Grop continues eating and Narghj goes to sleep.
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On November 28th, 2005 02:15 am (UTC), thefragyle commented:
lol that is HILARIOUS. i <3 it, hardcore.
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