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Title: Blue (because i'm lazy.) Author: thefragyle Prompt:…

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Title: Blue (because i'm lazy.)
Author: thefragyle
Prompt: color/time of day, for freedomtothink.
Rating: G. I see nothing wrong with it. Just cuddliness. ^_^
Notes: It's really way too short, and I'm not sure this is at all coherent. But it makes sense in my head.

She was struck by the rich, velvety shade of blue overhead. It was a blue so deep it verged on black, but was kept from utter blankness by the gleaming light of the moon and the stars.
She felt a hand in hers and tore her wide eyes from the sky. She bit her lip at the sight of him lying on the blanket next to her, his skin soft in the ethereal light, his dark hair glinting with hints of blue she knew were tricks of the moonlight. He tugged on her hand gently, and she smiled wordlessly. She snuggled up to his side, her head tucking perfectly into place on his chest, and knew there was another reason the night didn’t seem as dark as it could have.
The sound of his heartbeat filled one ear, and she sighed softly. His arm slipped around her waist, holding her to him. The cool blue night settled peacefully around them, wrapping them both in its embrace. Her eyes closed, and visions of blue eyes and soft smiles and promises lingered in her mind as his warmth and the soft touch of the night’s breeze lulled her into a soft sleep.
* * *