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Title: Useless Key
Author: wondrlandchic15
Rating: G
Prompt: Write the reason why someone finds a piece of seemingly useless material a treasure.
Notes: Okay, Kari was the one who chose my random piece of "useless garbage." (Our Spanish textbook). And she also chose number 37. The prompt is 386 words long, and it took about half an hour to write. It's kind of sweet and creepy at the same time...
Feedback: is awesome

Useless KeyCollapse )
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Wooo we're slacking, chica. But I have a prompt, to be answered once we've both finished your prompt.

It's an easy one, with options! Either across the campfire or overpasses, in forty-five minutes or less.

Also--would you like to make each prompt last two weeks? That would make it much easier on us, I think.

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Okay, random entry, and perhaps a bit childish, but it's the prompt, so there. :-P Lol, but in all seriousness, here it is...

Theme: "Junky Treasure"
Prompt: Pick a random, seemingly useless item right now. Think about it...write it down right now, ok? No changing! Got it? Now, pick a number...(please make it less than 90 and more than 2...). Write it down. (This prompt is extensive, isn't it?) No turning back now! Ok, now that piece of junk you wrote down is a treasure/keepsake/heirloom/momento to some random person. The number that you picked is the age of the person. Explain in any form you like why this piece of junk is valuable to them (ex: poetry, short story, monologue, etc). The catch? The words "mean," "value" "a lot" "treasure" and "heirloom" may NOT be used in this prompt. Good luck!

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Title: Reborn
Author: wondrlandchic15
Rating: PG, for *gasp* kissing
Prompt: "A New Beginning" for freedomtothink
Notes: 45 minutes, 303 words, I wonder where this inspiration came from??? Used sound devices to portray the female character's conflicting feelings, not sure if it was pulled off. Hmmm...tried more imagery, not sure how well I pulled that off either.
Feedback: Always!

RebornCollapse )
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Title: A New Home, A Fresh Start
Author: thefragyle
Rated: G
Prompt: starting over, uses sandwich, lurch, sparkle,and black.
Feedback: Of course.
Notes: Late! Oh, well. 262 words, about half an hour; not very good, but it fits the prompt.

She brushed the sandwich crumbs from her fingertips and rose from her perch on one of several boxes cluttering the room.Collapse )
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Assuming I'm laying down some rules? Even though that's really weird to do when it's just you and I.

*We'll alternate giving prompts each week. And I guess since we started this on a Saturday, Saturday will be the prompt day. If this becomes a problem, we can always change it.

*Allow one week for each prompt. You can come back and post something after the following Saturday, if you really want, but we'll both(! lol, I'm bad about this) try our hardest to post it by Saturday. Regardless of whether we've posted or not, a new prompt will go up each Saturday. If you don't want to come up with one, you can defer to me, and likewise.

*For each entry, include a title, author (if you really want, may become necessary if others join; that's at our discretion, btw), rating and justification (e.g., "R for language and violence" or something), and time spent writing/number of words, if there was a limit/any random notes.

Title: Hashafla
Author: Chaucer
Rated: G, for fluff
Notes: 45 minutes, 356 words; I struggled with imagery on this one. Implied m/f.


I guess that's it. If you have anything to add, feel free.
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Ah, a new beginning. Rock.

First prompt: starting over. Include any of these words: sparkle, black, jump, lurch, sandwich. In under an hour.

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